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Letter to the Editor, News-Gazette, July 17, 2002
I recently had the good fortune of discovering a wonderful not-for-profit group located in Champaign dedicated to helping animals. Prairieland Anti-Cruelty, headed by Judy Warmbier and Dr. Nicole Duffee, is one of the city's best kept secrets. Thanks to several generous veterinarians, the organization is able to provide vaccinations and low cost spay/neuter services to help stop the pet overpopulation problem in Champaign County. The group spays/neuters pets, strays, and even farm cats. Last year, the group fixed over 800 animals.

The organization operates on donations only and is one of the most worthwhile causes in town. Unfortunately, this group constantly struggles to keep afloat due to the costs associated with providing the medical services and the lack of financial resources of those using the service.

To all animal lovers out there, I urge you to show your support for their tireless effort and send in a donation of $5.00. Amazingly, even $5.00 goes a long way. If this organization ceases to exist, the humane society will be forced to euthanize a lot more animals every year. To an animal lover like myself, giving up McDonald's once a month to help save the lives of some cats and dogs seems like a very small price to pay.

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